Who doesn’t know about Madagaskar? Home for almost 25 thousand species animals with many diversities. Similarly, Madagaskar is home for the unique and endemic animals where you can’t find it in other places. You may have seen some of them on the National Geographic channel or YouTube. But, which is the endemic animal species in Madagaskar?

Some of those endemic animals were adapted to cartoons and films. But the real animal was more amazing and has different behavior with on film. Sadly, most of those animals were being protected because they are in danger. The number of animals on one species is too little, it will be gone if we keep destroying nature. Here we will try to give you some of the endemic animal species in Madagascar.

1. Lemur

Lemur is one species on primates family that have a weird look. You may see them as a cat, a dog, or a squirrel but lemur are different from them. However, you may be never though that they can make a beautiful song like they singing. Not only singing but they also have other unique behavior. Lemur is one of the threatened species because in nature they really in critically endangered.

2. Painted Mantella

This is one of the species on the frog family that have colorful skin. Painted Mantella usually found in Central and East Madagascar, especially in their forest. A Painted Mantella is a carnivore and they love to eat insects like grasshoppers. They live in between 75-81 F with some freshwater streams near them. Above all, that colorful skin on the body makes them as a warning for any animals in surrounding.

3. Madagaskar Long-Eared Owl

Madagaskar is a home of unique animals also has one species of the owl called Madagaskar long-eared owl. It has a white feather on the body but some of them had a black-brown stripe color. They had 50 cm in length and usually, the females are bigger than the males. The most unique part of this animal is some of them have a black feather on their faces. It looks like that owl is using the mask.

4. Aye-Aye

Aye-aye is one of the nocturnal animals that usually active on the night. They have an open wide of eyes and sometimes it makes them look scary. Also, those eyes are looks luminous when aye-aye on the dark side. Moreover, they had big sensitive ears that usually help them finding their prays. But sadly, this species is threatened to an extinct position.

5. Satanic Leaf-Tailed Gecko

Madagaskar has a great nature species diversities and this is one of the unique species, a satanic leaf-tailed gecko. However, this gecko has a brown color like a fall and gangrenous leaf. Their body also has a shape like a leaf so it will never be easy to find them. They can hide and blend with the deadwood or anything surrounding them to flam the predators.

Those are 5 endemic animal species in Madagaskar where you can’t find on the other places. Watching those animals in wild nature will be more interesting and can be a holiday option. Above all, those endemic species should be threatened right to avoid the extinct.