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How to Treat Dogs during Quarantine Indoors

Some of us have difficulties staying indoors for a long period with our canine friend. There are few things to consider on how to treat dogs during quarantine. Being stuck at home may feel stressful. However, this also gives us a chance to form a bonding relationship with our pets indoors. 

Sometimes their behaviors can make you laugh and angry at the same time. Here are a few tips on how to treat dogs during the quarantine. This list will provide you with tips & tricks for providing your dogs with the best treatment. Let’s take a look at how to treat dogs during quarantine. 

1.Exercising with your Dog

Exercising with your dog indoors is fun and a healthy activity to do while staying at home. Therefore, exercising is one of the top activities to do indoors with your pets. Channel your nervous energy and anxiety into daily exercise. 

Additionally, if you have a backyard or front yard then it makes things easier for you and your dogs to exercise. 

2. Chewing Toys

Dogs love chewing, especially if you stock a bunch of them. A chew toy or treats might keep your furry friend entertained for a long time. Some people recommended that putting peanut butter on your dog chew toy makes dogs addicted to it. 

However, Dr. Severine Ligout reminded us that overfeeding treats can be a problem for dogs. It is important to maintain balanced calories counts. 

3. Stay Intact with Their Routine

Even in the middle of a busy day, it is important to stick with your dog’s routine. Whether for feeding time, potty time, or even treat times. Consistency is important for your dog’s happiness. It is also good if you teach your dogs important manners in your daily routines. 

4. Plenty of Rest Time

Your dogs can get tired easily after a long day playing and running around the yard. Give your dogs a break time from all the tiring activities. A consistent resting time will give your dogs a boost to their morales and energy. Don’t force them to socialize and hang out with you if they look tired.

5. Play Mind Games

Teach your dogs new tricks and mental stimulation to keep them preoccupied. You can use treats and feeding time to boost your pet’s morale and tricks. Dr. Ragen McGowan explains that the moment where they figure out a trick on their own is an important moment to be cherished and remembered. 

So quarantine can be the day where you can mentally enrich your dog tricks and skills. However, don’t overdo your dogs to the point of exhaustion.

6. Be a Mindful Roommate.

When they are resting, give your dogs plenty of quiet time. They would love to know your consideration and caringness for them. Excessive noises can stress your dogs and make them restless instead of relaxing. 

Some studies show that classical music works not only for humans but also for pets. Classical music can calm your dogs and give therapeutic effects for them to relax.

Here is the list about how to treat dogs during quarantine, what do you think about the list? Be happy and joyful with your dogs while staying safe from the global pandemic. Remember to follow the government rules and be mindful of others and your furry friends.

How To Start Chicken Farm As A Profitable Business

Starting a new business is always exciting to be discussed. It is not only about how to make a high profit but also how to start properly and effectively. Just like creating the poultry business, you should pay attention to some things. One of the popular topics is how to start chicken farm. Because, you know, running this one is not easy as you might think before.

But, however, before we go further to talk about how to start chicken farm, it is very interesting to discuss its profit. If you are wondering how good this one as a business, then the answer is very profitable. The global chicken demand keeps increasing. No matter how people campaign health food, chicken is always one of the menus. Now, are you ready for owning it? Here are what you have to do:

1. Choose Your Sector

There are two types of this business which are the broilers and the layers. The broilers are raised in order to obtain their meat, while the layers are only for the eggs. Some people choose both of them, but, if it is your first experience, then better to focus one. As our recommendation, the layers are easier. Because raising chicken to get the best meat requires you more equipment and more works.

2. Choose the Breed

As a beginner, we also suggest you only have one breed. Once your business is up and developed, then you can add more. But if you prefer to have many egg production, it is better raising the breeds that are quick in delivery. Again, back to your business focus, so you can pick the right breed.

3. Build Your Farm

Commonly the chicken farm is in the backyard. But it doesn’t have to be there. If you have another space, then you can use it. That would be better when you afford to buy a space near a city and your home. So you can easily drive there daily to control. The further from your home, it is probably cheaper. However, you also need to count the transportation cost. Or, you get the opposite risk when having it near your place.

4. Do a Promotion

People nowadays tend to consume something from what the other people say, not from the advertisement. Thus, you should promote your farm to your neighborhood. This way allows you to meet a potential customer. Whether they need a supplier for the restaurant, or etc. Offer special things for them until they become your loyal customers. Once it happens, they will promote your business to their circle.

5. Think for the Development

Many businesses are handled by professionals. But if you are able to develop by your hand, then it is good. However, by seeing the competition among this business, you might need other hands to help. Perhaps they have a good idea to develop your business, so it becomes wider and wider.

So, now, are you still confused about how to start chicken farm? There is nothing better than start it right now because it is an opportunity you should take advantage of. Just believe that there is never-ending in raising culinary business anywhere and anytime.

Effective Ways On How To Treat Dog Wounds At Home

Just like humans, dogs can also get hurt and have wounds on their bodies. When this happens, usually they will keep winning until the pain stops. If the pain keeps going, it is best to go to a vet and get them treated. However, before it gets worse, owners must know how to treat dog wounds at home. Hopefully, by applying these remedies, your dog can better, and the wound doesn’t get worse.

Each wound will usually need different treatments, however, there are some basic treatments for all wounds. Make sure you have some tissue, water, and some wraps to close the wound. Remember that even on dogs, wounds do still hurt. Therefore, when you treat your dog, do it carefully and slowly. Here are the effective ways on how to treat dog wounds at home that you can do on your own:

1. Clean the Cuts

If you see a cut on your dogs’ body, then clean the cuts with water. If you have some herbal tea or vinegar, then rinse it off. To make it less painful, you can pour some on a tissue then tap it slowly on the cut. It will sting a bit, but this will help clean the cut. Remember that cleaning the cut is important so that the bacteria will not spread to other places.

2. Cool Skin Healing Products

The second step on how to treat dog wounds at home is by spraying skin healing products on the wound. The function of these skin healing products is to stimulate cell growth and fight against the infection. For you who have dogs must have these kinds of products to help at an emergency time like this.

3. Cover the Wound

Some people do not agree with this last treatment; however, it is important to do. Even after cleaning and applying skin healing products, their wound can get worse. Therefore, to prevent this from happening it is best to wrap and cover the wound. Use cotton that but wrapped with gauze then wrap it around the wound. Make sure not to wrap it too tight so it doesn’t hurt your dog.

4. Give Vitamins & Medicine

If you have animal vitamins or supplements, then give it to your dog. This will help them heal from inside the body and making their body stronger. However, you should still go by the rules of consumption, so make sure not to give too much.

5. Monitor the Wound

Keep monitoring the wound and see if the wound gets better or not. After a couple of days, the wound should dry out and start healing. Don’t forget to clean the wound every day like you clean your wound. However, if the wound gets worse it is best to see your vet and get treatment.

Accidents can happen at any time, so dog owners must keep first-aid products at home. They should also know how to treat dog wounds at home so that it doesn’t get worse. However, do not hesitate to go to the doctor if the wound gets worse and your dog is in pain.

How To Bathe A Bunny With Fleas In The Safe Way

In their daily life, bunnies can bathe themselves without your help. Bathing bunnies could even make them be stressed and get hypothermia. But it is good to learn how to bathe a bunny with fleas. You never know, maybe one day your bunny has fleas between their fur. 

For the fact that you better not bathe them with water, you need special treatment for this problem. So, below are some treatments you can apply in a dry way. So the bunny can be free of flea and still feels comfortable. Check it out!

1. Using Flea Comb

If you want to apply a natural method, you can try to use a flea comb. Hold your bunny, or you can ask help from someone, and make sure the bunny feels comfort. Then, comb out your bunny’s fur overall.

This method needs to be done routinely. Recheck your bunny a few days later. It is often some fleas still leave among the fur. Therefore, repeat to comb the fur until it is really clean.

Cleanse the comb after use. You can soak it in the hot water. Also, clean the space between the teeth of the comb to make sure it is clean when you reuse it.

2. Using Flea Treatment Product

On using flea treatment products, you need to be thorough. Make sure that the product is safe and effective without harming the bunny’s skin. If you still doubt, ask your vet to get a clearer explanation.

The vet will help you to understand how to bathe a bunny with fleas properly. So, always follow his/her advice. The shoulder blade is the safest area to apply the product. You can also apply it to the back of the neck.

Your bunny can’t reach those areas to lick. So, the product will not be swallowed. Don’t forget to separate one bunny to the other if you have some. It aims so that they can’t lick each other.

Another thing you need to remember is the dosage of the product. Don’t treat your bunny with a dosage that is more than it should. Also, do repetitions of the treatment because it sometimes doesn’t work at once. You need to be patient to solve the problem at its root.

3. Avoiding Flea Bombs

You shouldn’t apply flea bombs to your bunny. That animal is sensitive to chemicals. The flea bombs can even harm humans too. With those risks, it occasionally doesn’t have a big effect too. 

The fleas need to be killed until the eggs. It will cut their life cycle. And flea bombs are not the thing that can fulfill it. Therefore, only use it if no other way to solve the flea problem. But sure, you have to get your vet’s approval before. And don’t forget to be careful when using it.

Solving the flea problem on a bunny can be tricky sometimes. Fortunately, now you know how to bathe a bunny with fleas. Keep consulting a doctor to get the best solution if you find something strange in your bunny. Happy raising bunny!

How To Adopt A Pet For Free: Getting A Cute Friend In Your House

A pet is the best friend to spend our time at home. Sometimes, we will feel bored at home because we don’t have any friends. Indeed, if we have a pet, it will be our best friend and family. Therefore, many people like to have a pet. Moreover, for a pet lover, a pet is not enough. They commonly have more than a pet. Unfortunately, adopting a pet needs payment or cost. Moreover, we want to choose to have a special kind of pet. But you don’t need to be sad, because there is still a way to adopt a pet for free. You must know about the way how to adopt a pet for free on the following information.

how to adopt a pet for free

The Animal Foundation of Las Vegas

As animal lovers, we usually want to protect and grow our own pet at the home. Unfortunately, adopting a pet is not as easy as we think. We must face a payment in adopting both cats and dogs. Indeed, not all places force us to pay for adopting both dog and cat. Some of the places give free payment in adopting a pet. The place is the animal foundation of Las Vegas.

The animal foundation of Las Vegas is a carrying place for animals. They provide carrying place for the animals and carry them by love. By this place, people are able to adopt a pet at a low cost. The cost is probably used for the carrying fees for other pets. They spend amounts of 300 dollars to carry animals. Therefore, they provide people with a low cost adopting fee to give you a chance to carry the animals. The animals included in this shelter are many. Sometimes, they made promotions for people to adopt animals.

The Donation in The Animal Foundation of Las Vegas

Wondering the fee for carrying the animals, we may think that the fees are coming from adopting fees. However, the fees are not coming from the adopting fee also. The fee is commonly coming from the donation from the animal lovers. We may curious about how they can give a donation for the animals. The donations are coming from people who love animal including dogs and cats.

The donation has an important role in the life of every pet. Without the donations, the pet cannot survive by their selves without eating or drinking. Therefore, it very thanks full that many people including the pet lovers care about the animal

Where The Animals Come From?

The animal foundation of Las Vegas almost saves amounts of 20000 animals in a year. They protect the animal from starvation and death. They also share a chance for people who want to adopt an animal for free without considering the way how to adopt a pet for free.

Thus, if you keep wondering the way how to adopt a pet for free, you might come to the animal foundation and have your own animal without any cost. Carry them as your best friends. Thus, they will also love you as a friend.

How to Train Puppy for Therapy Dog? An Earlier Preparation To Be Splendid Therapy Dog

Therapy Dog often finds in stressed-out environments such as hospitals, schools, nursing facilities, and rehab centers. It helps people through interacting or touching and make them calm and relax. However not every dog can become a therapy dog. While it is true that all the breed can become one but your dog still has to meet the requirement to be a therapy dog. So, to make your dog be a splendid therapy dog, let’s train it from a puppy. That’s why you should know how to train puppy for a therapy dog.

how to train puppy for therapy dog

1. Assess Whether Your Puppy Suit to Be Candidate

Before you start to train your puppy, you should consider whether it is a good candidate to be a therapy dog. To know that, you just need to see how your puppy reacts to other people. Is it friendly? Is it kind to people? As you know, a good therapy dog needs to be friendly and kind to other people.

And the most important thing is that it has to be okay whenever being touched by a stranger. If your puppy has fulfilled the condition, then let’s start the training.

2. Socialization and Form Trust Relationship

The first step on how to train puppy for a therapy dog is socialization and form a trust relationship with your puppy. This is an important matter as socialization and trust are crucial characters that every therapy dog must possess. That’s why you should take out your puppy as soon as possible to meet new people.

When interacting with new people you have to make sure that it is pleasant and unthreatening for your puppy. While it is good for a puppy to socialize with many people, it’s better to not overdo it. For a puppy, rather than a long experience, it’s better to have a short yet positive experience.

You can also form a trust relationship between your puppy by doing the things you and the puppy-like together. Don’t forget to make your puppy to get different experience by doing various activities. To make the training successful, let’s make family member take a part in the socialization training. Having different people socialize with the puppy will take it from its comfort zone.

3. Obedience Training

Every puppy that will be a therapy dog must be through basic obedience training. You can do this training yourself or with the help of a trainer. After obedience training, your puppy will be compassionate and respectful to you.  It also one of the best methods to communicate with the puppy. You also have to make sure that your puppy can handle physical contact by trying to touch its body parts such as feet, ears, tail, and mouth.

While the puppy training, you also need to train yourself to understand your puppy more. Try to pay attention to the puppy body-language and gesture so you can know whenever your puppy feels uncomfortable.

If you want your dog to be a therapy dog, it’s better to raise it from a puppy. That’s because a puppy is easier to be trained. And don’t forget to understand how to train puppy for a therapy dog.

Malta For Unified Online Self-Exclusion System

The Malta Gaming Authority has been in the news for moves up to its administrative systems and procedures. Malta’s parliament has passed enactment enabling more powers to the administrative body. Presently, the Malts Gaming Authority has reported another eager task. The goal is to build up a brought together self-rejection framework for all its remote gaming licensees.

Today it has become a standard practice for every single online gambling club to offer self-prohibition instruments to their players. This is for the assurance of players who think they have an addictive betting issue. Such players can, all alone, quit from the online gambling club for a specific period. The online gambling club needs to guarantee that these players can’t sign in during the predetermined period. Every online club authorized by the Malta Gaming Authority like Royal Vegas, Spin Palace and All slot online , are giving self-rejection offices under the details of the licenses.

Shockingly, this framework isn’t filling its need. A player prohibits himself from one online gambling club. Yet, when the inclination to bet improves of him, he can without much of a stretch sign up at another online gambling club. The Malta Gaming Authority is aware of this lacuna in its managed condition. It has expressed its responsibility to progressing in the direction of a framework that will forestall players who prohibit themselves from one online club to join at some other on the web or land gambling club authorized by the Malta Gaming Authority.

Malta gaming authority has issued this statement. “The insurance of players is at the core of the MGA’s administrative motivation, and this undertaking further underlines our purpose to guarantee that players have the important instruments to participate in gaming administrations capably.” He emphatically accepts that the brought together self-avoidance framework will be generally welcomed by the administrators and players the same.

The Malta Gaming Authority has just executed a brought together self-prohibition framework for land-based gambling clubs. The authority is likewise taking a gander at the probability of including on the web gambling clubs authorized by different purviews in the bound together framework on a willful premise. There is the mindfulness that the execution of such a framework will require cautious and considered examination so as to determine that the arrangement configuration will meet the proposed targets. The Malta Gaming Authority will next survey the appropriateness of a scope of specialized answers for such a framework, including the Distributed Ledger Technology. The Authority will report its contemplations for open counsel after which the procedure of execution will be attempted.

How To Pet A Horse Properly

Horses are one of the most farmed animals for energy. It turns out that intensive attention is needed to raise horses. Some of the steps to raising horses include feeding, care, health care, and bonding. The following are some explanations for how to pet a horse.

how to pet a horse

1. Caring for Horses

The first thing to do to keep a horse is to bring the horse to a special area of care. Don’t forget to tie the horse well and comfortably so that the horse doesn’t roam. Then clean the horsehair with a rubber brush except for the face and foot area because the horse’s skin is more sensitive and easily injured.

Then clean the dirt on the surface of the horse’s body with a fiber brush. After that smooth, the horse’s hair with a body brush and don’t forget to shave the hair on the horse’s body with an electric shaver. As for the tail, use a mane comb to straighten the horse’s tail mane.

In addition, it is also important to clean the horse’s hooves from dirt. Then the latter bathe the horse as needed with warm water, shampoo and give a little massage.

2. Feeding

Feeding is one way of how to pet a horse. The first is to give enough water to the horse. Make sure the water tank is cleaned every day and check that it is not frozen. Then provide high-quality straw every day with an amount of approximately 7-9 kg or 1-2% of their body weight.

Also, give the wheat as much as 0.2 kg of 45 kg of body weight. Arrange horse feeding and schedule feeding one hour before and after riding the horse. Then change the horse feed gradually because the horse can experience stress. Start by replacing 25% of the old feed with a new one.

Two days later, replace 50% of the old feed with new feed. Two days later, replace 75% of the old feed with a new one. Then, two days later, give 100% new feed to your horse.

3. Linking With A Horse

Linking is also important when caring for a horse. The first is to approach the horse and let the horse approach by itself. Then do not approach the horse directly but with slow movements and a calm attitude.

Then give appreciation to the horse by pampering it. This can be done by stroking the muzzle, massage the ears, and pat his head. Then give snacks to establish closeness with the horse. However, make sure the amount of snacks is not excessive.

The last one is to persuade a horse to bow its neck. This will show his trust and submission. The trick is to pull the rope under his head slowly. Therefore, bonding with horses is one way of how to pet a horse.

4. Maintain Horse Health

Health is not only important for humans but for other living things like horses. To maintain a horse’s health is to have the horse checked by a veterinarian regularly.

Also, make sure this animal has enough space to lie in its cage. Then make the horse be able to socialize with other horses. Don’t forget to protect the horse from extreme weather too.

The last thing is to know which plants are dangerous for horses. Some of the dangerous plants include red maple leaves which are thin, plants taxis species such as cypress, black walnuts, rhododendron, azalea and many more.

Those are some ways of how to pet a horse that must be done. Apart from doing the 4 things above, horse training is also important to do. Because by training a horse the horse’s abilities will improve.

Can Animals Foresee Natural Disasters? Yes, Somehow They Can!

A natural disaster is a phenomenon that cannot be predicted. It happened suddenly without any caution. However, can animals foresee natural disasters? Many researchers are questioning this issue. They believe that animals are more sensitive to natural signs than humans. Most of the animals are sensitive to an ultrasonic sound that cannot be heard by a human. Then, some of the animals are able to feel abnormal tremors. Also, other animals have a physical sensor in their bodies. Then, these are the following animals can predict natural disaster.

Can animals foresee natural disasters

1. Goats

It common has goats in a village near a volcanic area. Most myths and legends said that goats have saved many lives because they are Gods’ Messengers. Then, the researchers are studying the behavior of the goat. In Greece, the researcher found out that the goats showed nervous behavior and left the mountain a few hours before the eruption. They believe that the goats can predict early signs of the volcanic eruption. For example, the seismic vibration or tremors and the gas released from the volcano’s activities.

2. Elephants

Elephants can predict anomalies of nature through their ears and their feet. The elephants use the infrasonic as their language to communicate. An infrasonic is the low pitch of the sound that humans cannot hear it in radius a hundred meters. It means that humans cannot get and feel the natural signs because they do not have the ability. The elephants can feel different frequency, rhythm and pattern of the environment. So, they will do an unusual behavior before it comes. In Sumatra, that happens before the tsunami comes in 2006, most elephants are running to reach the top of the hills to save their life.

3. Cats

Cats are good pets also good messengers of disasters. The cats are designed to be able to hear wide-range sound from low to high frequency. Also, they might be able to recognize the seizure, pressure, and temperature in their environment. In Japan, some cats show stress behaviors such as whining, crying, and want to escape before the tsunami in 2009. It more convinced, the researcher to find more about can animals foresee natural disasters?

4. Sharks

If most of the animals are avoid the disaster to save their life. The sharks are different. They will stay and chase the storms. The researcher from the University of Miami, Neil Hammerschlag found out that tiger sharks and the other sharks are aggressive animals. The reason is their species are easy to sense temperature changes where the storms come. By observing sharks behaviors, it helps us to predict the location of the storms will occur.

5. Toads

The skin of the toads has a high sensory perception of the changing of the temperature. The ecologists suggest that the toads can foresee the abnormal activities such as tectonic seizure in the mountain. They know the radon gas was released and the waves from the tectonic activities before an earthquake happened. It supports the phenomenon of the toads that stayed in the human residence to save their life after several earthquakes occurred in Italy.

Anomalies of animal behavior before a disaster phenomenon have been reported throughout history. A thousand years ago, the philosophers wrote it as myths and legends. Nowadays, the researchers are looking for the truth of the motion “Can Animals Foresee Natural Disasters?”

How To Pet Hedgehog? Here’s What You Have To Know

A hedgehog is a cute animal. It famous around the pet lover after Sonic the Hedgehog animation had been aired on TV. There are the things you should know how to pet hedgehog before you adopt it. You should know about the hedgehog origins, its food, and its behaviors.

how to pet hedgehog

The Considerations Before Adopting Hedgehog As Pet

Before petting a hedgehog, you have to know the important information about this animal. That way, you know in important information while petting and will treat it well. Here are the information you should know:

1. Origins

The hedgehog is a little spiny mammal. It also has a nickname called a pincushion with legs. It’s origin from the U.K., Ireland, and Western Europe. It can be found in the garden, park, and forest. However, it becomes pets nowadays. The hedgehog that can be a pet is African Pygmy Hedgehog. The size is around five until eight inches, it’s around your palm size. Then, the lifespan is not longer than the other mammals around five years.

2. Foods

The food is eaten by the hedgehog is a mealworm, crickets, and kibbles. The mealworms are the beetles’ larvae that eaten by the young hedgehog and it’s full of protein to support hedgehog’s growth. Generally, the young hedgehog eats it to get energy. The crickets taste crispy and yummy for the hedgehog, most of the adult hedgehog loves it as a meal. Then, if you are not ready to give raw food to your hedgehog, you can give it kibbles. The kibble is dry pellets or instant food for pets. It contains the nutrition needed by the hedgehog.

3. Behaviors

Before you pet a hedgehog, you need to know that a hedgehog has a unique self-defense mechanism by using its pins. If it feels scared it will transform into a spines ball by rolling its body. Never pet its head because it will angry because it is its pride. Some treatments that the hedgehog likes are playing with them and give a treat as its reward, it likes to crawl on your palms and hands, and also it loves to be carried with your hands and pockets. To carry it, you need to make a cup with your hands and place them inside your hand. It will make them feel safe.

Here’s the List on How To Pet Hedgehog

After knowing about the important information regarding it, then you’re one step closer to petting this animal. Here’s the list on how to pet hedgehog you should follow:

1. Prepare the Cage

The cage that you need depends on your hedgehog size. If you have a young hedgehog with 5 inches long, you need to place it in a medium tank that fills in with aspen shavings as its bedding. Create a space to put the food and water inside the tank. Then, for the adult hedgehog with a bigger size, you need to have a hamster or guinea pig cage because the body sizes are similar. The adult hedgehog is an active animal that likes to run, play, and roll. So, it needs some plating decoration inside its cage.

2. Feed Your Hedgehog Properly

Don’t forget to feed your hedgehog twice a day. Give various diet menus such as mealworms, crickets, kibbles, vegetables, and fruits. So, they will not feel bored. However, you need to discuss with your vet about it.

3. Don’t Forget to Play

Don’t forget to play with them once a day. It because the pet still needs affection and communication with its owner. By playing with your pet, it will increase the bonding between you and your pet.

4. Bath Your Hedgehog Once a Week

Make your hedgehog clean by taking a shower once a week. You can shower them or make a small bathtub with a basket. So it can be bathing and playing together.

5. Keep Your Hedgehog Healthy

Ask your vet about giving your hedgehog vaccines and treatments. It should be done because a hedgehog is severe about several diseases such as influenza and diarrhea. So, make sure to bring it to your vet every three months.

So, it’s easy right to have a hedgehog as your pet. These are several tips on how to pet hedgehog will help to be a good a hedgehog’s parent. It can be your best friend and your reason to be happy all day.

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