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Unbelievable! This is Scientific Reasons Why do Pets Need Annual Vaccinations for You

This day, many people have a pet as their home friend to make them not feel alone. On the other hand, pets also can be our protectors when the thief comes and try to steal some stuff. We can also bring them when we walking near the city or play with them in the city garden. But have you ever wonder why do pets need annual vaccinations?

Annual vaccination is an important thing for your pets. It can help them avoid some dangerous diseases. Also, vaccination can protect your family because some diseases can be transferred to a human. Not many pet owner has realized that vaccination is so important so they keep ignoring it. Here, we will try to explain to you some reasons why do pets need annual vaccinations.

About Pet Vaccination

Vaccines are available to make your pet bear from some viruses or bacterial invections. Its increases body immunity to be strong enough to stop the bacteria and virus to grow and develop. The method is using weak bacteria or viruses and injects them into the pet’s body. Once its come in, the immune system will give a response with some cell to counter them.

This method will give result in your pet immune system getting stronger and it will be last forever. The data of the immune system will always be saved and use again if there available the same attackers. If you think vaccines are to cure the disease, you are wrong. The vaccines are more used as a prevention effort rather than a cure.

The Importance of Vaccines

Many people don’t know about the danger which waiting to attack them whenever their immune is low. Vaccines help the pet to avoid those immune attackers that caused disease. Besides, vaccines also can help the pet’s growing and their health. That’s why it is important to check up the pet vaccination program at least once per year.

The vaccines to the pet have different variations depending on some factors like medical history, the age of your pet or lifestyle. The most important vaccines are the core vaccines where every cat or dog should accept this. It is because these vaccines have a function to prevent animals from the big disease in the world.

When Should I Start Vaccinating My Pet?

If you have baby cats or baby dog, you must give them the first round vaccinations. It is usually two or three vaccines when they get around six to eight weeks old. Don’t ever try to give them vaccines when they have not reached 6 weeks yet. This is because those vaccines can contaminate the mother’s breast.

On the other hand, you can give your pets some vaccines when they have been adults. Better when you talk with animals doctor because they know more about the vaccines and your pet’s needs. Also, you can do a titer test to calculate the number of your pets’ antibodies. If it was so low, you can give them an antibody booster.

After reading this article, did you get the reason why do pets need annual vaccinations? Giving your pet vaccines is an important thing and you should not underestimate it. It will be better if you think about your family and your pet health. It is okay to spent some money as a preventive action. Just did it before it was too late and you regret it every day.

How To Pet A Turtle? Here’s The Guide For You

Turtle is a common reptile that adopted pets. Since Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series have boomed, it makes turtle become famous in pet lovers. People think that the turtle is as cute as a pet. So, how to pet a turtle?

how to pet a turtle

Things to Know Before Petting a Turtle

First, you need to choose the aquatic or the land turtle. It will help you to take care of the turtle because a different type of turtle will have different treatments. The aquatic is tamer rather than a land turtle because the land turtle is more aggressive.

Second, make sure that your home is ready to have a turtle as a pet. If you live alone, prepare the place where the turtle will live with its tank. Then, if you’re live with your family, ask their permission about petting the turtle.

Third, ask the shopkeeper about the turtle’s origin. The turtle’s background is important to know because we can predict personality. Most of the turtle that comes from the breeding house is tame and friendly. However, if the turtles come from the wild, it needs adaptation to be tame and friendly because the wild ones were usually more aggressive. The reason is the turtle is captured not bred so they will have an aggressive self-defense mechanism to humans.

The last is to check the turtle’s health. It needs to be checked because animal still animal that maybe brings bacteria and severe disease. You need to see the condition of the pet shop and the tank where it lives before. Then, you must check the eyes should be clear. In the nose is clear and no white bubbles while breathing. There is no crack or wounds on their shells. If you find one of those signs, you need to find the healthy one.

How To Pet a Turtle, Step by Step Guide

Then, after you do several considerations on having a turtle as a pet. There are some tips on how to pet a turtle below:

1. Prepare your turtle’s tank

The proportional rule of the tank is ten gallons per inch of the turtle body. So, if you have a small turtle, you need about 50 gallons of water to fill in the tank. Then, you need more than 120 gallons of water if you have a bigger size of the turtle. Also, if you have a land turtle make sure that 25% of the tank is filling with the sand because the land turtle needs dry area.

2. Give a proper filtration

A turtle is like a fish. It needs a canister filter to keep it healthy. If there is no filter, it will kill the turtle slowly because the old food and feces will be the clogs. Also, the oxygen will not reproduce well, it will make the turtle sick.

3. Give enough light

As a living creature, it still needs sunlight. Just put your tank near the window to get enough sunlight. Or, you can have a UV light bulb lamp to provide the lights if the place is far from the window.

4. Feed them properly

Give the turtle fruits and vegetables, such as water lettuce, cucumber, papaya, etc. You can also feed with pellets. The pellet is the complete nutrition for turtle in grains shaped.

5. Keep the tank clean

Clean the turtle’s tank once in two weeks. Clean the tank with warm water and place your turtle in the bucket. Wash the tank with soap inside and outside, make sure the clogs have vanished. Then, don’t forget to dry it. Finally, place the sands and water again to the clean tank.

6. Learn how to handle the turtle

Do not pet your turtle from the front of their head or it will bite your fingers. If you want to pet them, just handle the shell with care and pet its shell. Then, touch their heads from the back and give gentle tickles on their neck. The turtle will give you some signs if it is hungry by opening their mouths. Also, it will produce tears when it is sick.

7. Pay attention to your hygiene

After handling a turtle you must wash your hands. The reason is the turtle brings Salmonella bacteria in their body that caused diarrhea and typhus. It can harm the owner or the visitor who wants to see it. Please remember that most of its time spent in dirty water. So, don’t forget to rinse your hands after playing with the turtle.

In conclusion, it’s easy to have a turtle. The tips on how to pet a turtle will help you to take care of your own turtle. Make sure your turtle is happy to live with you, so you need to handle them with love.

Amazing, This is 5 Top Endemic Animal Species in Madagaskar

Who doesn’t know about Madagaskar? Home for almost 25 thousand species animals with many diversities. Similarly, Madagaskar is home for the unique and endemic animals where you can’t find it in other places. You may have seen some of them on the National Geographic channel or YouTube. But, which is the endemic animal species in Madagaskar?

Some of those endemic animals were adapted to cartoons and films. But the real animal was more amazing and has different behavior with on film. Sadly, most of those animals were being protected because they are in danger. The number of animals on one species is too little, it will be gone if we keep destroying nature. Here we will try to give you some of the endemic animal species in Madagascar.

1. Lemur

Lemur is one species on primates family that have a weird look. You may see them as a cat, a dog, or a squirrel but lemur are different from them. However, you may be never though that they can make a beautiful song like they singing. Not only singing but they also have other unique behavior. Lemur is one of the threatened species because in nature they really in critically endangered.

2. Painted Mantella

This is one of the species on the frog family that have colorful skin. Painted Mantella usually found in Central and East Madagascar, especially in their forest. A Painted Mantella is a carnivore and they love to eat insects like grasshoppers. They live in between 75-81 F with some freshwater streams near them. Above all, that colorful skin on the body makes them as a warning for any animals in surrounding.

3. Madagaskar Long-Eared Owl

Madagaskar is a home of unique animals also has one species of the owl called Madagaskar long-eared owl. It has a white feather on the body but some of them had a black-brown stripe color. They had 50 cm in length and usually, the females are bigger than the males. The most unique part of this animal is some of them have a black feather on their faces. It looks like that owl is using the mask.

4. Aye-Aye

Aye-aye is one of the nocturnal animals that usually active on the night. They have an open wide of eyes and sometimes it makes them look scary. Also, those eyes are looks luminous when aye-aye on the dark side. Moreover, they had big sensitive ears that usually help them finding their prays. But sadly, this species is threatened to an extinct position.

5. Satanic Leaf-Tailed Gecko

Madagaskar has a great nature species diversities and this is one of the unique species, a satanic leaf-tailed gecko. However, this gecko has a brown color like a fall and gangrenous leaf. Their body also has a shape like a leaf so it will never be easy to find them. They can hide and blend with the deadwood or anything surrounding them to flam the predators.

Those are 5 endemic animal species in Madagaskar where you can’t find on the other places. Watching those animals in wild nature will be more interesting and can be a holiday option. Above all, those endemic species should be threatened right to avoid the extinct. 

Is It Okay To Put Clothes On Pets? Here are The Pros And Cons

Pets are the best companion for humans. Sometimes the pet owners want to dress their pets to make them cuter or fancier. However, there is a motion “Is it okay to put clothes on pets?” That motion comes up in pet lovers and still debating until now. Hopefully, you can consider it after reading this article on dressing your pet.

is it okay to put clothes on pets

The Pros

Yes, the question on is it okay to put clothes on pets is never-ending. There are some reasons to support and against this motion. It depends on you, you can dress your pet or not. So, here we have the pros argument of why you should put clothes on your pet:

1. To Protect Them During Cold Weather

Wearing clothes for pets during winter or cold weather brings benefit to the pets themselves. Wearing a sweater, a shawl, and a pair of socks will make them stay warm in cold weather. Some people give their pets boots during winter to prevent their pets’ legs injured because of extreme cold weather and the snow.

2. To Help the Pet’s Anxiety

Some designs of clothes can help pets face their anxiety disorder. Pets can stressed out like humans too. By using a kind of vest, it will make the pets feel comfortable. The reason is the cuddlesome pressure makes a calming effect to the pets who are wearing it.

3. To Cover the Part of the Body that Injured

Putting the clothes on your pets can help the pets that have disabilities to get their confidence. Also, the clothes can cover their bodies after they get surgery. For example, if you have a dog that gets stomach surgery, you need to protect and cover that area from the dust and other things by giving it clothes.

The Cons

You’ve read the pros on the list above, then now we have the contra argument. Although many put clothes on their pets, but many others don’t agree with that behavior. Here are their cons argument:

1. Uncomfortable Clothes Caused Stress

The material of the clothes sometimes makes the pets uncomfortable. It can be so itchy, so hot, and so tight for the pets. What reasons can make pets become stressful and aggressive? Some dogs are not suitable to be dressed up, such as Alaskan Malamute, The Mastiff’s family, Saint Bernard, and the other dogs that have many furs.

2. Changing of Pet’s Behavior

Some pet lovers believe that by dressing up their pets will change the pets’ behaviors. An argument is supported against this motion. The argument said that a pet is not a substitute for a child. Pet-lovers who are dressed up their pet like a child treating their pet like their kids. It can cause the pets’ behaviors are changing.

The pets will show strange behaviors, being aggressive, anti-social and individualistic. For example, the cat that always dressed up will have strange behavior like cannot playing outdoors, chase and run with the mice, and become a lazy cat like Garfield. The reason is they are not treated as a pet. But, the owner treats them as a child.

In conclusion, there is no right and no wrong about the motion of “Is It Okay To Put Clothes on Pets?” The pet-lovers can consider the things that can harm pets. The reason is the pets still living creature that same as human and has natural instinct. So, do not make them lose their true identity as an animal.

The Best Animal Show on TV for Kids as Educational Entertainment

Even internet user now has become increased, TV is still one of the best entertainment sources. It shows you various things, starts from drama, quiz, news until the kids show. As you know, this article will talk about the kid’s show on TV. Because actually the kid’s show is not the only cartoon but also there is an animal show on TV for kids. It offers them many kinds of knowledge, for example, the wildlife outside that they never saw before.

In fact, the kids always love animals, no matter the animal is real or animation. It is interesting to see how other creations life. Also, the animal invites curiosity too, that is why you might see the kids are doubting when seeing an animal. If you are the parents, the animal show on TV for kids below could be your alternative as the entertainment:

1. Curious George

Your kids will love seeing the monkey George. George is a monkey who has high curiosity. So, he never stops exploring his surrounding to find and learn something new. The show’s dialogue is very interactive, so your kids will feel like included in every journey. George doesn’t only learn about the animal, but also math and science. This show is suitable for kids since they are in preschool.

2. Pingu

When you see Pingu, don’t imagine that this penguin will show how struggling among the ice is. But, Pingu will show your kids how to behave with their peers and other people. Because this TV series talks about Pingu and Robie who always in trouble. But, behind all that, those two characters always give a lesson-learned. With the fun dialogue, your kids never feel boring watch Pingu on TV.

3. Backyard Habitat

If you are looking for what TV show that introduces animal life in a simple way, then Backyard Habitat TV show is the best choice. Backyard Habitat is suitable for kids at the age of 4. Backyard Habitat shows you a family who always talks about the animal, starts from what they eat, how they struggle, and many other facts. In every episode, the family discusses different animal. So, your kid’s knowledge will increase as time goes by.

4. Timmy Time

Give your toddler TV time with Timmy Time show. Timmy Time is typically Shaun The Sheep show but more educative. This little sheep invites your kids into a classroom. In every episode, Timmy and friends have to finish one task. That is why every show has a learning point to get. Timmy and friends don’t only learn the ABCs, but also the other life skills too.

5. Go, Diego, Go

Diego is the cousin of Dora who works as the animal rescuer. Diego can talk to the animal so it is easier for your kids to enjoy the show. The setting is in the rainforest in Latin America. Thus, your kids will know how real wildlife is. Diego is equipped with modern technologies, so when he needs to find more information about one animal, he never gets difficult.

Now you don’t have to be confused anymore in searching for appropriate entertainment for the kids. Those animal show on TV for kids above are easy to find and safe to watch. Even though you want to see the online video, each show has a channel too.

The Oldest Animal Alive Today With Ages Up To Billions Of Years

Animals are one of the living things that have existed since time immemorial. In fact, there are still animals that can survive until now. These animals are believed to originate from prehistoric times. The following are some of the oldest animal alive today.

1. Heureka Martialist Ants

Modern humans only discovered this animal in 2000 years ago in Brazil. Precisely in the Amazon forest near Manaus. This ant is a new family from Martialinae. This animal has cream-colored characteristics and has no eyes or blindness.

Because of its uniqueness, this ant has the nickname of the planet Mars. His name Martialis Heureuka comes from Latin which has the same meaning as the nickname. This animal has an age of 120 million years.

2. Sturgeon Fish

This fish is one of the oldest animal alive today. This animal has an age of 200 million years. Sturgeon is still a family of 26 species of Acipenseridae, such as Acipenser, Huso, Pseudoscaphirhynchus, and Scaphirhynchus.

This oldest bony fish has a living habitat in lakes, rivers, temperate beaches, sub-arctic, and sub-tropical. Initially, fish that live in North America have a large body size. But the revolution made the size of the body of this fish shrink to what it is today.

3. Horseshoe Shrimp

This marine animal has lived for 200 million years. This makes Horseshoe shrimp older than the two previous animals. This animal is the only animal that has not changed shape. This shrimp has the Latin name Chepalocarida.

Researchers did not find changes in the shape of the fossil at the present time. The name of this shrimp is taken from its shape which resembles a horseshoe.

4. Coelacanth Fish

The oldest animal alive today is still in contact with the aquatic world. This fish has the name Coelacanth which comes from Greek which means hollow spines. Because of this shape, this fish has the nickname sea kingfish.

This fish population is not large but its spread is in Tanzania, Kenya, Indonesia, Madagascar, Mozambique and South Africa. This fish has 120 species and is 360 million years old.

5. Horseshoe Crab

Still from the waters, the next oldest animal is the Horseshoe crab. Same with Horseshoe fish, this crab has a shape similar to horseshoes. Even so, these animals are more similar to scorpions than crabs.

Many people believe that this animal appeared in the Ordovician or Paleozoic period. Experts say that animals with other names have appeared 450 years ago. The horseshoe crab is older than dinosaurs and can live in water or land.

6. Jellyfish

Jellyfish are animals from the Cnidaria or Coelenterata family. The shape resembles a tufted umbrella and has a deadly sting on its tentacles. Many experts believe that this animal is one of the ancient animals that have an age of 505 years.

Humans who touch jellyfish can feel itching on their skin. There are around 1,800 species of these animals in the world. One of the deadliest jellyfish in Cubozoa and Irukandji.

7. Cyanobacteria

The oldest animal alive today the last is cyanobacteria. Experts believe that this animal is the first living creature on earth. It reaches 3.5 billion years old and is the largest and most important animal on earth.

These animals live in sulfur and methane gas which is spread evenly to all places on earth. Its role is very important in the ecosystem chain of living things on earth even though its shape is very small.

That’s the 7 oldest animals alive today with ages reaching billions of years. Most of these animals do not undergo too many deformations. This proves that living things just adapt, not evolve from one cell to several other cells.

Options of Pets for Kids with Allergies

All kids love pets and most of them will like to have animals for pets. However, some kids have allergies which makes them hard to have pets. Usually, kids have allergies with the animal’s fur and cause them to sneeze many times. Therefore, when choosing a pet, make sure that your kids don’t give a certain reaction to it. There are a few options of pets for kids with allergies that parents can choose. Most of the pets for kids have no fur to prevent the allergic from occurring. 

Easy Pets to Have

Even though kids with allergy can’t have dogs or cats for a pet, but they can still have other animals. Try to choose animals that are easy to treat and don’t make a big mess. But also consider animals that can be fun for the kids to play with. Here are some options of pets for kids with allergies that they will love:

1. Fish

This animal can be a pet for kids and adults because they are just fun to watch and develop. Raising a fish is also easier compared to other kinds of pets. However, parents will need an aquarium to put the fish in. To make the pet fun, parents don’t need to buy a big fish. On the other hand, it is better to buy a small therefore it can fit into a small aquarium. With a small aquarium, kids can bring them to any places they like without having to worry it is heavy. Choose colorful fishes to make the pet more interesting for the kids. 

2. Reptiles

Another challenging pets for kids with allergies are reptiles. They don’t have fur and they are easy to take care of. Most people might be afraid of these kinds of animals because they are not normal as a pet. However, if you buy reptiles from a trusted source, the animals should be safe. Lizards and snakes are an example of reptile’s people now have as a pet. But for those who want a safer animal can choose turtles for their pet. 

3. Birds

A safe animal that parents can choose for their kids are birds that have less feather. Some kids are allergies with their feathers, therefore choose ones with less feather. Parrots and canary are some birds that can be fun for a pet because they can react to people’s actions. Teaching a parrot is also fun, especially for kids who like to talk. 

4. Hamsters

Most kids are usually allergic to the fur of cats-dogs, therefore try to find an animal with less fur. However, a hamster can be an option for kids who loves an animal with fur. Hamsters are small, and they don’t have any fur, so it can be safe for your kids. 

5. Rats

Another small and less fur animal that kids can have as pets are mice. Even though they don’t live long, but mice are cute to have. They can live in small cages; therefore, they don’t mess up the house. Kids can play with them too by holding or feeding them. 

Most pets for kids with allergies are non-furry and small. They are also easy to take care of even if they grow old. However, make sure that the kids have no reaction to the animals. Make sure that they are also not allergic to other parts of the animal. Therefore, they can fun with animals and play together. 

Here Are The 5 Tips On How To Name Your Pet

After you have a pet, which often makes you confused is about giving a pet’s name. This is because you usually have a large list of pet names that are difficult for you to choose. If you are curious about how to name your pet, this article is perfect for you.

It is because this article will tell you how to name your pet. Then, you no longer need to be confused about what name is suitable for your pet. The following are tips that you can consider when you choose your pet’s name:

1.     Pay Attention To Your Pet’s Character

The first thing you can do when you want to name a pet is to pay attention to its character. The character of your pet usually gives you inspiration for the right pet name. Observe whether your pet has a stand out character.

Then, you can name your pet based on the character that your pet has. For example, if your pet is very cute, you can call it Sweety. If your pet loves to jump around and be agile, you can call it Binky.

2.     Get Inspired By Your Own Life

Naming your pet is not easy for you, so you need to choose your pet’s name carefully. Besides you have to consider the character of your pet, the things you like can also inspire you.

Try to pay attention to whatever you like. For example, if you like superheroes, you can name your pet Asterix or Robin. If you like listening to music, you can give your animal name Rocky or Jazzy.

3.     Avoid Names That May Be Too Long

How to name your pets is you should keep the name of your pets short. This, of course, can make it easier for you when you say it. Also, if your pet is certified, a short name will minimize the chance of naming errors in the certificate.

You should give your pet’s name not too long. This can make it easier for your pet to recognize its name. So, when you call their names, they will tend to respond more easily. Then, choose a very simple animal name and you can say it easily.

4.     Pay Attention to Specific Physical Markers

Usually, pets have certain physical markers. Physical markers that your animal has can usually give you inspiration. See if your pet has certain unique and interesting physical markings.

For example, if your dog has a lot of fur and fluffy, you can name your dog Simba. If you have a brown cat, you can give your cat’s name Coco. Therefore, try to pay attention to what physical markers are unique and interesting from your pet.

5.     Avoid Command-Like Names

You want your pet to always respond to your orders. So, you should avoid giving names that sound like commands. Usually, this applies if you have a dog. The reason is, you will give certain commands so that your dog responds to your commands.

For example, if you give your dog a name Cassie, your dog can hear it as “Cease”. If you give your dog a name Mo, this name sounds like “No”. Then, if you want your dog to obey your commands, don’t try to confuse them.

Now you know how to name your pet that is easy for you to do. You can start by having a large list of names that you want to choose. Choose based on 5 tips that you already know.

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