In their daily life, bunnies can bathe themselves without your help. Bathing bunnies could even make them be stressed and get hypothermia. But it is good to learn how to bathe a bunny with fleas. You never know, maybe one day your bunny has fleas between their fur. 

For the fact that you better not bathe them with water, you need special treatment for this problem. So, below are some treatments you can apply in a dry way. So the bunny can be free of flea and still feels comfortable. Check it out!

1. Using Flea Comb

If you want to apply a natural method, you can try to use a flea comb. Hold your bunny, or you can ask help from someone, and make sure the bunny feels comfort. Then, comb out your bunny’s fur overall.

This method needs to be done routinely. Recheck your bunny a few days later. It is often some fleas still leave among the fur. Therefore, repeat to comb the fur until it is really clean.

Cleanse the comb after use. You can soak it in the hot water. Also, clean the space between the teeth of the comb to make sure it is clean when you reuse it.

2. Using Flea Treatment Product

On using flea treatment products, you need to be thorough. Make sure that the product is safe and effective without harming the bunny’s skin. If you still doubt, ask your vet to get a clearer explanation.

The vet will help you to understand how to bathe a bunny with fleas properly. So, always follow his/her advice. The shoulder blade is the safest area to apply the product. You can also apply it to the back of the neck.

Your bunny can’t reach those areas to lick. So, the product will not be swallowed. Don’t forget to separate one bunny to the other if you have some. It aims so that they can’t lick each other.

Another thing you need to remember is the dosage of the product. Don’t treat your bunny with a dosage that is more than it should. Also, do repetitions of the treatment because it sometimes doesn’t work at once. You need to be patient to solve the problem at its root.

3. Avoiding Flea Bombs

You shouldn’t apply flea bombs to your bunny. That animal is sensitive to chemicals. The flea bombs can even harm humans too. With those risks, it occasionally doesn’t have a big effect too. 

The fleas need to be killed until the eggs. It will cut their life cycle. And flea bombs are not the thing that can fulfill it. Therefore, only use it if no other way to solve the flea problem. But sure, you have to get your vet’s approval before. And don’t forget to be careful when using it.

Solving the flea problem on a bunny can be tricky sometimes. Fortunately, now you know how to bathe a bunny with fleas. Keep consulting a doctor to get the best solution if you find something strange in your bunny. Happy raising bunny!