Horses are one of the most farmed animals for energy. It turns out that intensive attention is needed to raise horses. Some of the steps to raising horses include feeding, care, health care, and bonding. The following are some explanations for how to pet a horse.

how to pet a horse

1. Caring for Horses

The first thing to do to keep a horse is to bring the horse to a special area of care. Don’t forget to tie the horse well and comfortably so that the horse doesn’t roam. Then clean the horsehair with a rubber brush except for the face and foot area because the horse’s skin is more sensitive and easily injured.

Then clean the dirt on the surface of the horse’s body with a fiber brush. After that smooth, the horse’s hair with a body brush and don’t forget to shave the hair on the horse’s body with an electric shaver. As for the tail, use a mane comb to straighten the horse’s tail mane.

In addition, it is also important to clean the horse’s hooves from dirt. Then the latter bathe the horse as needed with warm water, shampoo and give a little massage.

2. Feeding

Feeding is one way of how to pet a horse. The first is to give enough water to the horse. Make sure the water tank is cleaned every day and check that it is not frozen. Then provide high-quality straw every day with an amount of approximately 7-9 kg or 1-2% of their body weight.

Also, give the wheat as much as 0.2 kg of 45 kg of body weight. Arrange horse feeding and schedule feeding one hour before and after riding the horse. Then change the horse feed gradually because the horse can experience stress. Start by replacing 25% of the old feed with a new one.

Two days later, replace 50% of the old feed with new feed. Two days later, replace 75% of the old feed with a new one. Then, two days later, give 100% new feed to your horse.

3. Linking With A Horse

Linking is also important when caring for a horse. The first is to approach the horse and let the horse approach by itself. Then do not approach the horse directly but with slow movements and a calm attitude.

Then give appreciation to the horse by pampering it. This can be done by stroking the muzzle, massage the ears, and pat his head. Then give snacks to establish closeness with the horse. However, make sure the amount of snacks is not excessive.

The last one is to persuade a horse to bow its neck. This will show his trust and submission. The trick is to pull the rope under his head slowly. Therefore, bonding with horses is one way of how to pet a horse.

4. Maintain Horse Health

Health is not only important for humans but for other living things like horses. To maintain a horse’s health is to have the horse checked by a veterinarian regularly.

Also, make sure this animal has enough space to lie in its cage. Then make the horse be able to socialize with other horses. Don’t forget to protect the horse from extreme weather too.

The last thing is to know which plants are dangerous for horses. Some of the dangerous plants include red maple leaves which are thin, plants taxis species such as cypress, black walnuts, rhododendron, azalea and many more.

Those are some ways of how to pet a horse that must be done. Apart from doing the 4 things above, horse training is also important to do. Because by training a horse the horse’s abilities will improve.