Turtle is a common reptile that adopted pets. Since Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series have boomed, it makes turtle become famous in pet lovers. People think that the turtle is as cute as a pet. So, how to pet a turtle?

how to pet a turtle

Things to Know Before Petting a Turtle

First, you need to choose the aquatic or the land turtle. It will help you to take care of the turtle because a different type of turtle will have different treatments. The aquatic is tamer rather than a land turtle because the land turtle is more aggressive.

Second, make sure that your home is ready to have a turtle as a pet. If you live alone, prepare the place where the turtle will live with its tank. Then, if you’re live with your family, ask their permission about petting the turtle.

Third, ask the shopkeeper about the turtle’s origin. The turtle’s background is important to know because we can predict personality. Most of the turtle that comes from the breeding house is tame and friendly. However, if the turtles come from the wild, it needs adaptation to be tame and friendly because the wild ones were usually more aggressive. The reason is the turtle is captured not bred so they will have an aggressive self-defense mechanism to humans.

The last is to check the turtle’s health. It needs to be checked because animal still animal that maybe brings bacteria and severe disease. You need to see the condition of the pet shop and the tank where it lives before. Then, you must check the eyes should be clear. In the nose is clear and no white bubbles while breathing. There is no crack or wounds on their shells. If you find one of those signs, you need to find the healthy one.

How To Pet a Turtle, Step by Step Guide

Then, after you do several considerations on having a turtle as a pet. There are some tips on how to pet a turtle below:

1. Prepare your turtle’s tank

The proportional rule of the tank is ten gallons per inch of the turtle body. So, if you have a small turtle, you need about 50 gallons of water to fill in the tank. Then, you need more than 120 gallons of water if you have a bigger size of the turtle. Also, if you have a land turtle make sure that 25% of the tank is filling with the sand because the land turtle needs dry area.

2. Give a proper filtration

A turtle is like a fish. It needs a canister filter to keep it healthy. If there is no filter, it will kill the turtle slowly because the old food and feces will be the clogs. Also, the oxygen will not reproduce well, it will make the turtle sick.

3. Give enough light

As a living creature, it still needs sunlight. Just put your tank near the window to get enough sunlight. Or, you can have a UV light bulb lamp to provide the lights if the place is far from the window.

4. Feed them properly

Give the turtle fruits and vegetables, such as water lettuce, cucumber, papaya, etc. You can also feed with pellets. The pellet is the complete nutrition for turtle in grains shaped.

5. Keep the tank clean

Clean the turtle’s tank once in two weeks. Clean the tank with warm water and place your turtle in the bucket. Wash the tank with soap inside and outside, make sure the clogs have vanished. Then, don’t forget to dry it. Finally, place the sands and water again to the clean tank.

6. Learn how to handle the turtle

Do not pet your turtle from the front of their head or it will bite your fingers. If you want to pet them, just handle the shell with care and pet its shell. Then, touch their heads from the back and give gentle tickles on their neck. The turtle will give you some signs if it is hungry by opening their mouths. Also, it will produce tears when it is sick.

7. Pay attention to your hygiene

After handling a turtle you must wash your hands. The reason is the turtle brings Salmonella bacteria in their body that caused diarrhea and typhus. It can harm the owner or the visitor who wants to see it. Please remember that most of its time spent in dirty water. So, don’t forget to rinse your hands after playing with the turtle.

In conclusion, it’s easy to have a turtle. The tips on how to pet a turtle will help you to take care of your own turtle. Make sure your turtle is happy to live with you, so you need to handle them with love.