Starting a new business is always exciting to be discussed. It is not only about how to make a high profit but also how to start properly and effectively. Just like creating the poultry business, you should pay attention to some things. One of the popular topics is how to start chicken farm. Because, you know, running this one is not easy as you might think before.

But, however, before we go further to talk about how to start chicken farm, it is very interesting to discuss its profit. If you are wondering how good this one as a business, then the answer is very profitable. The global chicken demand keeps increasing. No matter how people campaign health food, chicken is always one of the menus. Now, are you ready for owning it? Here are what you have to do:

1. Choose Your Sector

There are two types of this business which are the broilers and the layers. The broilers are raised in order to obtain their meat, while the layers are only for the eggs. Some people choose both of them, but, if it is your first experience, then better to focus one. As our recommendation, the layers are easier. Because raising chicken to get the best meat requires you more equipment and more works.

2. Choose the Breed

As a beginner, we also suggest you only have one breed. Once your business is up and developed, then you can add more. But if you prefer to have many egg production, it is better raising the breeds that are quick in delivery. Again, back to your business focus, so you can pick the right breed.

3. Build Your Farm

Commonly the chicken farm is in the backyard. But it doesn’t have to be there. If you have another space, then you can use it. That would be better when you afford to buy a space near a city and your home. So you can easily drive there daily to control. The further from your home, it is probably cheaper. However, you also need to count the transportation cost. Or, you get the opposite risk when having it near your place.

4. Do a Promotion

People nowadays tend to consume something from what the other people say, not from the advertisement. Thus, you should promote your farm to your neighborhood. This way allows you to meet a potential customer. Whether they need a supplier for the restaurant, or etc. Offer special things for them until they become your loyal customers. Once it happens, they will promote your business to their circle.

5. Think for the Development

Many businesses are handled by professionals. But if you are able to develop by your hand, then it is good. However, by seeing the competition among this business, you might need other hands to help. Perhaps they have a good idea to develop your business, so it becomes wider and wider.

So, now, are you still confused about how to start chicken farm? There is nothing better than start it right now because it is an opportunity you should take advantage of. Just believe that there is never-ending in raising culinary business anywhere and anytime.