Therapy Dog often finds in stressed-out environments such as hospitals, schools, nursing facilities, and rehab centers. It helps people through interacting or touching and make them calm and relax. However not every dog can become a therapy dog. While it is true that all the breed can become one but your dog still has to meet the requirement to be a therapy dog. So, to make your dog be a splendid therapy dog, let’s train it from a puppy. That’s why you should know how to train puppy for a therapy dog.

how to train puppy for therapy dog

1. Assess Whether Your Puppy Suit to Be Candidate

Before you start to train your puppy, you should consider whether it is a good candidate to be a therapy dog. To know that, you just need to see how your puppy reacts to other people. Is it friendly? Is it kind to people? As you know, a good therapy dog needs to be friendly and kind to other people.

And the most important thing is that it has to be okay whenever being touched by a stranger. If your puppy has fulfilled the condition, then let’s start the training.

2. Socialization and Form Trust Relationship

The first step on how to train puppy for a therapy dog is socialization and form a trust relationship with your puppy. This is an important matter as socialization and trust are crucial characters that every therapy dog must possess. That’s why you should take out your puppy as soon as possible to meet new people.

When interacting with new people you have to make sure that it is pleasant and unthreatening for your puppy. While it is good for a puppy to socialize with many people, it’s better to not overdo it. For a puppy, rather than a long experience, it’s better to have a short yet positive experience.

You can also form a trust relationship between your puppy by doing the things you and the puppy-like together. Don’t forget to make your puppy to get different experience by doing various activities. To make the training successful, let’s make family member take a part in the socialization training. Having different people socialize with the puppy will take it from its comfort zone.

3. Obedience Training

Every puppy that will be a therapy dog must be through basic obedience training. You can do this training yourself or with the help of a trainer. After obedience training, your puppy will be compassionate and respectful to you.  It also one of the best methods to communicate with the puppy. You also have to make sure that your puppy can handle physical contact by trying to touch its body parts such as feet, ears, tail, and mouth.

While the puppy training, you also need to train yourself to understand your puppy more. Try to pay attention to the puppy body-language and gesture so you can know whenever your puppy feels uncomfortable.

If you want your dog to be a therapy dog, it’s better to raise it from a puppy. That’s because a puppy is easier to be trained. And don’t forget to understand how to train puppy for a therapy dog.