Pets are the best companion for humans. Sometimes the pet owners want to dress their pets to make them cuter or fancier. However, there is a motion “Is it okay to put clothes on pets?” That motion comes up in pet lovers and still debating until now. Hopefully, you can consider it after reading this article on dressing your pet.

is it okay to put clothes on pets

The Pros

Yes, the question on is it okay to put clothes on pets is never-ending. There are some reasons to support and against this motion. It depends on you, you can dress your pet or not. So, here we have the pros argument of why you should put clothes on your pet:

1. To Protect Them During Cold Weather

Wearing clothes for pets during winter or cold weather brings benefit to the pets themselves. Wearing a sweater, a shawl, and a pair of socks will make them stay warm in cold weather. Some people give their pets boots during winter to prevent their pets’ legs injured because of extreme cold weather and the snow.

2. To Help the Pet’s Anxiety

Some designs of clothes can help pets face their anxiety disorder. Pets can stressed out like humans too. By using a kind of vest, it will make the pets feel comfortable. The reason is the cuddlesome pressure makes a calming effect to the pets who are wearing it.

3. To Cover the Part of the Body that Injured

Putting the clothes on your pets can help the pets that have disabilities to get their confidence. Also, the clothes can cover their bodies after they get surgery. For example, if you have a dog that gets stomach surgery, you need to protect and cover that area from the dust and other things by giving it clothes.

The Cons

You’ve read the pros on the list above, then now we have the contra argument. Although many put clothes on their pets, but many others don’t agree with that behavior. Here are their cons argument:

1. Uncomfortable Clothes Caused Stress

The material of the clothes sometimes makes the pets uncomfortable. It can be so itchy, so hot, and so tight for the pets. What reasons can make pets become stressful and aggressive? Some dogs are not suitable to be dressed up, such as Alaskan Malamute, The Mastiff’s family, Saint Bernard, and the other dogs that have many furs.

2. Changing of Pet’s Behavior

Some pet lovers believe that by dressing up their pets will change the pets’ behaviors. An argument is supported against this motion. The argument said that a pet is not a substitute for a child. Pet-lovers who are dressed up their pet like a child treating their pet like their kids. It can cause the pets’ behaviors are changing.

The pets will show strange behaviors, being aggressive, anti-social and individualistic. For example, the cat that always dressed up will have strange behavior like cannot playing outdoors, chase and run with the mice, and become a lazy cat like Garfield. The reason is they are not treated as a pet. But, the owner treats them as a child.

In conclusion, there is no right and no wrong about the motion of “Is It Okay To Put Clothes on Pets?” The pet-lovers can consider the things that can harm pets. The reason is the pets still living creature that same as human and has natural instinct. So, do not make them lose their true identity as an animal.