A natural disaster is a phenomenon that cannot be predicted. It happened suddenly without any caution. However, can animals foresee natural disasters? Many researchers are questioning this issue. They believe that animals are more sensitive to natural signs than humans. Most of the animals are sensitive to an ultrasonic sound that cannot be heard by a human. Then, some of the animals are able to feel abnormal tremors. Also, other animals have a physical sensor in their bodies. Then, these are the following animals can predict natural disaster.

Can animals foresee natural disasters

1. Goats

It common has goats in a village near a volcanic area. Most myths and legends said that goats have saved many lives because they are Gods’ Messengers. Then, the researchers are studying the behavior of the goat. In Greece, the researcher found out that the goats showed nervous behavior and left the mountain a few hours before the eruption. They believe that the goats can predict early signs of the volcanic eruption. For example, the seismic vibration or tremors and the gas released from the volcano’s activities.

2. Elephants

Elephants can predict anomalies of nature through their ears and their feet. The elephants use the infrasonic as their language to communicate. An infrasonic is the low pitch of the sound that humans cannot hear it in radius a hundred meters. It means that humans cannot get and feel the natural signs because they do not have the ability. The elephants can feel different frequency, rhythm and pattern of the environment. So, they will do an unusual behavior before it comes. In Sumatra, that happens before the tsunami comes in 2006, most elephants are running to reach the top of the hills to save their life.

3. Cats

Cats are good pets also good messengers of disasters. The cats are designed to be able to hear wide-range sound from low to high frequency. Also, they might be able to recognize the seizure, pressure, and temperature in their environment. In Japan, some cats show stress behaviors such as whining, crying, and want to escape before the tsunami in 2009. It more convinced, the researcher to find more about can animals foresee natural disasters?

4. Sharks

If most of the animals are avoid the disaster to save their life. The sharks are different. They will stay and chase the storms. The researcher from the University of Miami, Neil Hammerschlag found out that tiger sharks and the other sharks are aggressive animals. The reason is their species are easy to sense temperature changes where the storms come. By observing sharks behaviors, it helps us to predict the location of the storms will occur.

5. Toads

The skin of the toads has a high sensory perception of the changing of the temperature. The ecologists suggest that the toads can foresee the abnormal activities such as tectonic seizure in the mountain. They know the radon gas was released and the waves from the tectonic activities before an earthquake happened. It supports the phenomenon of the toads that stayed in the human residence to save their life after several earthquakes occurred in Italy.

Anomalies of animal behavior before a disaster phenomenon have been reported throughout history. A thousand years ago, the philosophers wrote it as myths and legends. Nowadays, the researchers are looking for the truth of the motion “Can Animals Foresee Natural Disasters?”