A hedgehog is a cute animal. It famous around the pet lover after Sonic the Hedgehog animation had been aired on TV. There are the things you should know how to pet hedgehog before you adopt it. You should know about the hedgehog origins, its food, and its behaviors.

how to pet hedgehog

The Considerations Before Adopting Hedgehog As Pet

Before petting a hedgehog, you have to know the important information about this animal. That way, you know in important information while petting and will treat it well. Here are the information you should know:

1. Origins

The hedgehog is a little spiny mammal. It also has a nickname called a pincushion with legs. It’s origin from the U.K., Ireland, and Western Europe. It can be found in the garden, park, and forest. However, it becomes pets nowadays. The hedgehog that can be a pet is African Pygmy Hedgehog. The size is around five until eight inches, it’s around your palm size. Then, the lifespan is not longer than the other mammals around five years.

2. Foods

The food is eaten by the hedgehog is a mealworm, crickets, and kibbles. The mealworms are the beetles’ larvae that eaten by the young hedgehog and it’s full of protein to support hedgehog’s growth. Generally, the young hedgehog eats it to get energy. The crickets taste crispy and yummy for the hedgehog, most of the adult hedgehog loves it as a meal. Then, if you are not ready to give raw food to your hedgehog, you can give it kibbles. The kibble is dry pellets or instant food for pets. It contains the nutrition needed by the hedgehog.

3. Behaviors

Before you pet a hedgehog, you need to know that a hedgehog has a unique self-defense mechanism by using its pins. If it feels scared it will transform into a spines ball by rolling its body. Never pet its head because it will angry because it is its pride. Some treatments that the hedgehog likes are playing with them and give a treat as its reward, it likes to crawl on your palms and hands, and also it loves to be carried with your hands and pockets. To carry it, you need to make a cup with your hands and place them inside your hand. It will make them feel safe.

Here’s the List on How To Pet Hedgehog

After knowing about the important information regarding it, then you’re one step closer to petting this animal. Here’s the list on how to pet hedgehog you should follow:

1. Prepare the Cage

The cage that you need depends on your hedgehog size. If you have a young hedgehog with 5 inches long, you need to place it in a medium tank that fills in with aspen shavings as its bedding. Create a space to put the food and water inside the tank. Then, for the adult hedgehog with a bigger size, you need to have a hamster or guinea pig cage because the body sizes are similar. The adult hedgehog is an active animal that likes to run, play, and roll. So, it needs some plating decoration inside its cage.

2. Feed Your Hedgehog Properly

Don’t forget to feed your hedgehog twice a day. Give various diet menus such as mealworms, crickets, kibbles, vegetables, and fruits. So, they will not feel bored. However, you need to discuss with your vet about it.

3. Don’t Forget to Play

Don’t forget to play with them once a day. It because the pet still needs affection and communication with its owner. By playing with your pet, it will increase the bonding between you and your pet.

4. Bath Your Hedgehog Once a Week

Make your hedgehog clean by taking a shower once a week. You can shower them or make a small bathtub with a basket. So it can be bathing and playing together.

5. Keep Your Hedgehog Healthy

Ask your vet about giving your hedgehog vaccines and treatments. It should be done because a hedgehog is severe about several diseases such as influenza and diarrhea. So, make sure to bring it to your vet every three months.

So, it’s easy right to have a hedgehog as your pet. These are several tips on how to pet hedgehog will help to be a good a hedgehog’s parent. It can be your best friend and your reason to be happy all day.