Just like humans, dogs can also get hurt and have wounds on their bodies. When this happens, usually they will keep winning until the pain stops. If the pain keeps going, it is best to go to a vet and get them treated. However, before it gets worse, owners must know how to treat dog wounds at home. Hopefully, by applying these remedies, your dog can better, and the wound doesn’t get worse.

Each wound will usually need different treatments, however, there are some basic treatments for all wounds. Make sure you have some tissue, water, and some wraps to close the wound. Remember that even on dogs, wounds do still hurt. Therefore, when you treat your dog, do it carefully and slowly. Here are the effective ways on how to treat dog wounds at home that you can do on your own:

1. Clean the Cuts

If you see a cut on your dogs’ body, then clean the cuts with water. If you have some herbal tea or vinegar, then rinse it off. To make it less painful, you can pour some on a tissue then tap it slowly on the cut. It will sting a bit, but this will help clean the cut. Remember that cleaning the cut is important so that the bacteria will not spread to other places.

2. Cool Skin Healing Products

The second step on how to treat dog wounds at home is by spraying skin healing products on the wound. The function of these skin healing products is to stimulate cell growth and fight against the infection. For you who have dogs must have these kinds of products to help at an emergency time like this.

3. Cover the Wound

Some people do not agree with this last treatment; however, it is important to do. Even after cleaning and applying skin healing products, their wound can get worse. Therefore, to prevent this from happening it is best to wrap and cover the wound. Use cotton that but wrapped with gauze then wrap it around the wound. Make sure not to wrap it too tight so it doesn’t hurt your dog.

4. Give Vitamins & Medicine

If you have animal vitamins or supplements, then give it to your dog. This will help them heal from inside the body and making their body stronger. However, you should still go by the rules of consumption, so make sure not to give too much.

5. Monitor the Wound

Keep monitoring the wound and see if the wound gets better or not. After a couple of days, the wound should dry out and start healing. Don’t forget to clean the wound every day like you clean your wound. However, if the wound gets worse it is best to see your vet and get treatment.

Accidents can happen at any time, so dog owners must keep first-aid products at home. They should also know how to treat dog wounds at home so that it doesn’t get worse. However, do not hesitate to go to the doctor if the wound gets worse and your dog is in pain.