Some of us have difficulties staying indoors for a long period with our canine friend. There are few things to consider on how to treat dogs during quarantine. Being stuck at home may feel stressful. However, this also gives us a chance to form a bonding relationship with our pets indoors. 

Sometimes their behaviors can make you laugh and angry at the same time. Here are a few tips on how to treat dogs during the quarantine. This list will provide you with tips & tricks for providing your dogs with the best treatment. Let’s take a look at how to treat dogs during quarantine. 

1.Exercising with your Dog

Exercising with your dog indoors is fun and a healthy activity to do while staying at home. Therefore, exercising is one of the top activities to do indoors with your pets. Channel your nervous energy and anxiety into daily exercise. 

Additionally, if you have a backyard or front yard then it makes things easier for you and your dogs to exercise. 

2. Chewing Toys

Dogs love chewing, especially if you stock a bunch of them. A chew toy or treats might keep your furry friend entertained for a long time. Some people recommended that putting peanut butter on your dog chew toy makes dogs addicted to it. 

However, Dr. Severine Ligout reminded us that overfeeding treats can be a problem for dogs. It is important to maintain balanced calories counts. 

3. Stay Intact with Their Routine

Even in the middle of a busy day, it is important to stick with your dog’s routine. Whether for feeding time, potty time, or even treat times. Consistency is important for your dog’s happiness. It is also good if you teach your dogs important manners in your daily routines. 

4. Plenty of Rest Time

Your dogs can get tired easily after a long day playing and running around the yard. Give your dogs a break time from all the tiring activities. A consistent resting time will give your dogs a boost to their morales and energy. Don’t force them to socialize and hang out with you if they look tired.

5. Play Mind Games

Teach your dogs new tricks and mental stimulation to keep them preoccupied. You can use treats and feeding time to boost your pet’s morale and tricks. Dr. Ragen McGowan explains that the moment where they figure out a trick on their own is an important moment to be cherished and remembered. 

So quarantine can be the day where you can mentally enrich your dog tricks and skills. However, don’t overdo your dogs to the point of exhaustion.

6. Be a Mindful Roommate.

When they are resting, give your dogs plenty of quiet time. They would love to know your consideration and caringness for them. Excessive noises can stress your dogs and make them restless instead of relaxing. 

Some studies show that classical music works not only for humans but also for pets. Classical music can calm your dogs and give therapeutic effects for them to relax.

Here is the list about how to treat dogs during quarantine, what do you think about the list? Be happy and joyful with your dogs while staying safe from the global pandemic. Remember to follow the government rules and be mindful of others and your furry friends.