Even internet user now has become increased, TV is still one of the best entertainment sources. It shows you various things, starts from drama, quiz, news until the kids show. As you know, this article will talk about the kid’s show on TV. Because actually the kid’s show is not the only cartoon but also there is an animal show on TV for kids. It offers them many kinds of knowledge, for example, the wildlife outside that they never saw before.

In fact, the kids always love animals, no matter the animal is real or animation. It is interesting to see how other creations life. Also, the animal invites curiosity too, that is why you might see the kids are doubting when seeing an animal. If you are the parents, the animal show on TV for kids below could be your alternative as the entertainment:

1. Curious George

Your kids will love seeing the monkey George. George is a monkey who has high curiosity. So, he never stops exploring his surrounding to find and learn something new. The show’s dialogue is very interactive, so your kids will feel like included in every journey. George doesn’t only learn about the animal, but also math and science. This show is suitable for kids since they are in preschool.

2. Pingu

When you see Pingu, don’t imagine that this penguin will show how struggling among the ice is. But, Pingu will show your kids how to behave with their peers and other people. Because this TV series talks about Pingu and Robie who always in trouble. But, behind all that, those two characters always give a lesson-learned. With the fun dialogue, your kids never feel boring watch Pingu on TV.

3. Backyard Habitat

If you are looking for what TV show that introduces animal life in a simple way, then Backyard Habitat TV show is the best choice. Backyard Habitat is suitable for kids at the age of 4. Backyard Habitat shows you a family who always talks about the animal, starts from what they eat, how they struggle, and many other facts. In every episode, the family discusses different animal. So, your kid’s knowledge will increase as time goes by.

4. Timmy Time

Give your toddler TV time with Timmy Time show. Timmy Time is typically Shaun The Sheep show but more educative. This little sheep invites your kids into a classroom. In every episode, Timmy and friends have to finish one task. That is why every show has a learning point to get. Timmy and friends don’t only learn the ABCs, but also the other life skills too.

5. Go, Diego, Go

Diego is the cousin of Dora who works as the animal rescuer. Diego can talk to the animal so it is easier for your kids to enjoy the show. The setting is in the rainforest in Latin America. Thus, your kids will know how real wildlife is. Diego is equipped with modern technologies, so when he needs to find more information about one animal, he never gets difficult.

Now you don’t have to be confused anymore in searching for appropriate entertainment for the kids. Those animal show on TV for kids above are easy to find and safe to watch. Even though you want to see the online video, each show has a channel too.