Animals are one of the living things that have existed since time immemorial. In fact, there are still animals that can survive until now. These animals are believed to originate from prehistoric times. The following are some of the oldest animal alive today.

1. Heureka Martialist Ants

Modern humans only discovered this animal in 2000 years ago in Brazil. Precisely in the Amazon forest near Manaus. This ant is a new family from Martialinae. This animal has cream-colored characteristics and has no eyes or blindness.

Because of its uniqueness, this ant has the nickname of the planet Mars. His name Martialis Heureuka comes from Latin which has the same meaning as the nickname. This animal has an age of 120 million years.

2. Sturgeon Fish

This fish is one of the oldest animal alive today. This animal has an age of 200 million years. Sturgeon is still a family of 26 species of Acipenseridae, such as Acipenser, Huso, Pseudoscaphirhynchus, and Scaphirhynchus.

This oldest bony fish has a living habitat in lakes, rivers, temperate beaches, sub-arctic, and sub-tropical. Initially, fish that live in North America have a large body size. But the revolution made the size of the body of this fish shrink to what it is today.

3. Horseshoe Shrimp

This marine animal has lived for 200 million years. This makes Horseshoe shrimp older than the two previous animals. This animal is the only animal that has not changed shape. This shrimp has the Latin name Chepalocarida.

Researchers did not find changes in the shape of the fossil at the present time. The name of this shrimp is taken from its shape which resembles a horseshoe.

4. Coelacanth Fish

The oldest animal alive today is still in contact with the aquatic world. This fish has the name Coelacanth which comes from Greek which means hollow spines. Because of this shape, this fish has the nickname sea kingfish.

This fish population is not large but its spread is in Tanzania, Kenya, Indonesia, Madagascar, Mozambique and South Africa. This fish has 120 species and is 360 million years old.

5. Horseshoe Crab

Still from the waters, the next oldest animal is the Horseshoe crab. Same with Horseshoe fish, this crab has a shape similar to horseshoes. Even so, these animals are more similar to scorpions than crabs.

Many people believe that this animal appeared in the Ordovician or Paleozoic period. Experts say that animals with other names have appeared 450 years ago. The horseshoe crab is older than dinosaurs and can live in water or land.

6. Jellyfish

Jellyfish are animals from the Cnidaria or Coelenterata family. The shape resembles a tufted umbrella and has a deadly sting on its tentacles. Many experts believe that this animal is one of the ancient animals that have an age of 505 years.

Humans who touch jellyfish can feel itching on their skin. There are around 1,800 species of these animals in the world. One of the deadliest jellyfish in Cubozoa and Irukandji.

7. Cyanobacteria

The oldest animal alive today the last is cyanobacteria. Experts believe that this animal is the first living creature on earth. It reaches 3.5 billion years old and is the largest and most important animal on earth.

These animals live in sulfur and methane gas which is spread evenly to all places on earth. Its role is very important in the ecosystem chain of living things on earth even though its shape is very small.

That’s the 7 oldest animals alive today with ages reaching billions of years. Most of these animals do not undergo too many deformations. This proves that living things just adapt, not evolve from one cell to several other cells.