This day, many people have a pet as their home friend to make them not feel alone. On the other hand, pets also can be our protectors when the thief comes and try to steal some stuff. We can also bring them when we walking near the city or play with them in the city garden. But have you ever wonder why do pets need annual vaccinations?

Annual vaccination is an important thing for your pets. It can help them avoid some dangerous diseases. Also, vaccination can protect your family because some diseases can be transferred to a human. Not many pet owner has realized that vaccination is so important so they keep ignoring it. Here, we will try to explain to you some reasons why do pets need annual vaccinations.

About Pet Vaccination

Vaccines are available to make your pet bear from some viruses or bacterial invections. Its increases body immunity to be strong enough to stop the bacteria and virus to grow and develop. The method is using weak bacteria or viruses and injects them into the pet’s body. Once its come in, the immune system will give a response with some cell to counter them.

This method will give result in your pet immune system getting stronger and it will be last forever. The data of the immune system will always be saved and use again if there available the same attackers. If you think vaccines are to cure the disease, you are wrong. The vaccines are more used as a prevention effort rather than a cure.

The Importance of Vaccines

Many people don’t know about the danger which waiting to attack them whenever their immune is low. Vaccines help the pet to avoid those immune attackers that caused disease. Besides, vaccines also can help the pet’s growing and their health. That’s why it is important to check up the pet vaccination program at least once per year.

The vaccines to the pet have different variations depending on some factors like medical history, the age of your pet or lifestyle. The most important vaccines are the core vaccines where every cat or dog should accept this. It is because these vaccines have a function to prevent animals from the big disease in the world.

When Should I Start Vaccinating My Pet?

If you have baby cats or baby dog, you must give them the first round vaccinations. It is usually two or three vaccines when they get around six to eight weeks old. Don’t ever try to give them vaccines when they have not reached 6 weeks yet. This is because those vaccines can contaminate the mother’s breast.

On the other hand, you can give your pets some vaccines when they have been adults. Better when you talk with animals doctor because they know more about the vaccines and your pet’s needs. Also, you can do a titer test to calculate the number of your pets’ antibodies. If it was so low, you can give them an antibody booster.

After reading this article, did you get the reason why do pets need annual vaccinations? Giving your pet vaccines is an important thing and you should not underestimate it. It will be better if you think about your family and your pet health. It is okay to spent some money as a preventive action. Just did it before it was too late and you regret it every day.