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Nama:What NO ONE is Saying About UFC229...
Durasi:4 mnt 38 dtk
Dipublikasikan:07 Oktober 2018
Description::The brawl that broke out after the main event at UFC 229 was a disgraceful display of revenge and lack of discipline. This is something that I feel obligated to discuss, being an advocate for true martial arts.

To me, martial arts is all about self-control.

No, I am not taking sides nor do I feel any need to. Did I see Conor throw the first punch? Yep. Do I remember him attacking the bus? Of course. Did he slander the Nermagomedov family name? He did. But does that justify Khabib's actions? You mean is revenge a good motive? No, in fact I think the best way of defending your family's honor is by settling it mano a mano, legally, in a cage in front of millions of people. He settled it at 3:03 of round 4. "But his emotions got the best of him," supports will say. That's exactly my point.

Martial arts is about self-control.

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