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Nama:娘惹相思格 My Sensei Nyonya | Episode 14
Durasi:43 mnt 42 dtk
Dipublikasikan:25 Agustus 2018
Description::演员Cast:Jojo吴俐璇,Rynn林宇中,Lynn林绿,Angeline陈意遐,Kar Wing江家荣,Frederick李洺中,Zac志祥,Lavin萧依婷,Emily林佩琦,Berg李承运,Rickman谢承伟

第14集 | Episode 14


The death of Yong Chai gave rise to the discussion among the Zheng family, one after another, they left Chen family in succession. Upon receiving the message, Lisa returned to Zheng family to show the support.On the other hand, Ya Lei didn’t believe that Yong Chai committed suicide, she decided to perform an autopsy secretly, but Xing Nan appeared suddenly, in a moment of desperation she had no choice but to hide herself in the coffin. San Geng spotted something was going wrong, and decided to play her at her own game, set Ya Lei to death. Ya Lei was on the verge of death, luckily, Jiang Hong came to rescue Ya Lei.

#娘惹相思格 #MySenseiNyonya

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