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Nama:娘惹相思格 My Sensei Nyonya | Episode 2
Durasi:44 mnt 0 dtk
Dipublikasikan:27 Juli 2018
Description::演员Cast:Jojo吴俐璇,Rynn林宇中,Lynn林绿,Angeline陈意遐,Kar Wing江家荣,Frederick李洺中,Zac志祥,Lavin萧依婷,Emily林佩琦, Berg 李承运,Rickman 谢承伟

第2集 | Episode 2


Luo Huan Xin, 12, was born in a baba family. Her father, Luo Dong cheng operates in a medical centre left by his ancestor called“Shun Tian Tang”. He is an outstanding physician and the people loved him. One night, Dong Cheng was being robbed and killed in the medical centre and the recipe to a special pill “Bai Feng Wan”that was slated for mass production, was lost. The mother thought the culprit behind the incident was Dong Cheng’s partner and of Baba parentage, Chen Xin Nan, who also managed the medical centre, but she did not have any prove. At the same time, the herbs from the medical centre was being tempered resulting several drug users died from consuming it, causing the medical centre to be shut down. Facing such drastic change to both her life and the fate of the medical centre, the mother were forced to mobilize all her staffs to investigate the mater.

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